Swan Dance

Ballet is a fusion of technical and artful prowess of the physical form. The client for this artwork appreciated this firsthand and now, as a spectator of the art form.
The Scent of PappaRich
Advertising, Mural, Illustration

A distinct feature of Malaysian food is their hybridisation and development of a soup of cultures. One aspect of this is the distinct flavour profiles present in the scent of the food.

Commissioned by PappaRich, the task was to design a mural for their Sylvia Park Branch in Auckland, featuring—geographically—the countries in which this scent is established.


Pig Squeal
Packaging, Illustration
Pig Squeal, in England’s deep south it’s slang for a sour or tannic cider. The Pig Squeal in this bottle is a unique blend of beer and apple juice, cooked up in collaboration with the wonderful folk at Peckham’s Cider.

Alongside Garage Project’s Tim Gibson and Matt Sloan, we designed this beauty!

Three’s a Crowd

“As the story goes...
between dusk and daylight, a man with silk-white hair is heard cawing.
It is said he collects the hair of his victims who dare to shine any light between those early hours of the day.
As the last light of the evening sets on strands of cold, lifeless wheat, people have said that in desperate need of a light source, every minute of 'forbidden flame' is followed by a distinct crow's caw.
So if you were ever desperate—if you were ever to light that forbidden flame—suddenly, as if it was already there, a flash of silk-white will appear.
And another victim’s hair will be made off with.
It is said the crow’s caw will not stop till it has finished making its home.”