Animal Medicines
2018-11, UK
Chinese Medicine has been around for thousands of years, yet we are prone to question its efficacy because of its mystery, rather than relying on the evidence of it standing the test of time. One part of Chinese Medicine is the use of animals. Here are some.

Inktober 2018

Battlesuit Titans
Card Game, Illustration
2018-09, AU

Nothing beats robots fighting each other with laser beams, giant chain guns, or rocket-launcher shoulder pieces. Nope. Howabout... transforming, evolving mechas that do that and you have to kill a mega bad-ass boss that has a giant mouth for a stomach? And the mouth vaguely looks like a humanoid skull.

Designed alongside an Australia-based design company previously known as Rule & Make.

Isle of Wes
2018-04, UK

Movies tend to inspire artists both aesthetically and mentally. Wes Anderson’s appealing, nostalgic surrealism guides my style without me knowing. Here’s a homage to a few of his movies.
Cafe Girl
2018-03, UK

On a few, overcast, lightly raining days, this illustration came about as I sat at my desk in my home warehouse in London, pondering the weather.

Carbon Award 2019 (Fabrik)

Sandy Kiwi Doggos    
Product, Illustration
2018-02, NZ

Memes are a unique artifact of internet culture that have begun to appeal to sub-cultures in many forms. Amongst the younger crowd, they’ve begun to add to the cultural landscape, rounding out what it means to be part of that culture. New Zealand’s culture has developed a few (amongst some of its cultural antiquities) in the modern era.

For my submission in Blunt Umbrellas’ competition, I achieved the ‘Highly Commended’ award.