Nature in People    
2019—06, UK

To be one with nature is an odd term. According to the Greeks, nature in its truest state is devoid of humans. The ancient Chinese saw nature differently; they saw it as a complex arrangement of elements which were continuously changing (humans were distinctly different) yet worked harmoniously.

Ancient Tastes of Korea  
Advertising, Illustration
2019—05, UK

With CNN Art Director Adnan Kazi and Motion Designer Elise Boutros, we created a beautiful intro for Great Big Story Origins: Ancient Tastes of Korea. The story features Jang Gye-Hyang, a Korean woman from the 17th century who made a recipe book called 'Eumsik Diminbang'.

At the end of 17th century, a woman named Jang Gye-Hyang compiled a recipe book filled with dishes preferred by nobles and how-tos on storing and fermenting food. The text, called Eumsik Dimibang, is as relevant today as it was then—just ask Kim Byung-Jin, executive chef at the Michelin-rated Gaon and Cho Gwi-Bun, a 13th-generation descendent of Jang Gye-Hyang.

Ad for Genesis

San, Princess Mononoke    
2019—04, UK

Hayao Miyazaki created some of the most memorable, fantastical beings to invade the collective cultural consciousness. This is an interpretation of San from Studio Ghibli’s Princess Mononoke.