Editorial, Illustration
2021—05, NZ

"I still have nightmares about that day. I see a knife sliding under my rib cage, opening up my organs. My mind goes back to the farm from my childhood; the times when the butcher came to our house, me watching him drag his blade through the lambs’ throats before stringing them up. How easy it was. His wrist jerking, then the hot rope of blood. The smell of it. The offal sliding out with a slap on the concrete. Years later, I would stop eating meat. Only violence has this power of change." - JP Pomare

Working under Art Director; Toby Morris with Spinoff, I had the honour to envision JP Pomare’s vivid imagery from his piece Scattershots.

Article on Spinoff

Auckland in Aoteroa
Editorial, Illustration
2021—04, AU

Working with Australian-based Art Director, Dané Stojanovic for Grazia’s: At Home City Guide we designed a little snippet of home, here in Auckland and my ideal little kiwi snack, a steak & cheese pie alongside a flatwhite. 
Cafe Girl
2018-03, UK

On a few, overcast, lightly raining days, this illustration came about as I sat at my desk in my home warehouse in London, pondering the weather.

Carbon Award 2019 (Fabrik)