Eleven Songs

Eleven illustrations of eleven songs, eleven great artists that I enjoyed this year and look at that - it’s the 11th of November. Fated coincidence?

This is a personal project. The illustrations were done for Inktober, where I intended to do 30, unfortunately due to a relaxing holiday, the creative juices were used for 4 hour car ride trips full of conversation and guessings of 70s-90s songs. Alas, it seemed fated that I finished organising this all on the day of the 11th of November. 

Organising this design was inspired by an image of an old French newspaper - it was photoshopped together with newspapers of the time - I believe this 1850s-90s ‘new century’ look. I quite enjoyed the eclectic mood of titles, and its messy, yet organised array. Matching the font with the mood of the song and the lyrics was challenging yet at times theraputic when the right one hit - more hippie-esque, psychadelic song evoking feelings of the Nouveau era, serious with sans, staunch with serifs, etc. The lyrics italicised tend to be the lyrics that stood out to me.

Want to listen?