2021—09, NZ

snow floats effortless
as feathers fall gradually—
swept under a tree

Sunk into his seat, eyes rested—yet keenly present, he pondered his position amongst Fukurō-gumi and his ever-waning health. The responsibilities he would not be able to uphold, for the many under him. The responsibilities for his family, his children. The responsibilities to his nation he'd have to lay to rest.

To him the passing of time held weight, that what he was doing is important.

Comic, Illustration   

UK based writer Neil Clarke explores a unique world based in a pre-industrial Japan and African society. Level The Skies is a beautiful yet vivid story of the two characters known as the Prince and the Musician.

San, Princess Mononoke    
2019—04, UK

Hayao Miyazaki created some of the most memorable, fantastical beings to invade the collective cultural consciousness. This is an interpretation of San from Studio Ghibli’s Princess Mononoke.

Battlesuit Titans
Card Game, Illustration
2018-09, AU

Nothing beats robots fighting each other with laser beams, giant chain guns, or rocket-launcher shoulder pieces. Nope. Howabout... transforming, evolving mechas that do that and you have to kill a mega bad-ass boss that has a giant mouth for a stomach? And the mouth vaguely looks like a humanoid skull.

Designed alongside an Australia-based design company previously known as Rule & Make.

Isle of Wes
2018-04, UK

Movies tend to inspire artists both aesthetically and mentally. Wes Anderson’s appealing, nostalgic surrealism guides my style without me knowing. Here’s a homage to a few of his movies.