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Kashikoi Fukurō-Gumi (Yakuza Owls)
Limited Edition Fine Art Print

A unique limited edition print run by Daniel Ido

Size: 420*297mm
Artwork Size: 392*277mm
Edition: /88

Fine Art Archival Print
Watercolour Cotton Rag
330GSM (Mat)

Signed, Stamped & Numbered
by yours truly


A little about the print:

snow floats effortless
as feathers fall gradually—
swept under a tree

Welcome to the world of the Kashikoi Fukurō-Gumi — the Wise Owl Gang, run in the heart of Tokyo, their influence sprawls the underground network of Owl, Cat & Fox society. Fighting for scraps, the Gumi intend to provide for their communities, not with the wings of law, but with the clenched talon.


Each print is shipped with backing board, and wrapped for protection.