Packaging, Illustration   
2020—08, NZ

Inspired by the beauty of Mount Taranaki and Japanese Woodblock Prints, Black Forest is a homage to the narrative of Three Sisters wandering the depths of Taranaki in search of Sour Cherry & Rye.

Packaging, Illustration   
2020—05, US

A conversational pairing of cake, chocolate, and coconut—a classic combo. Alongside US–based craft-beer connoisseurs Prairie Ales, we designed this chilled-out cover.

Pig Squeal
Packaging, Illustration
Pig Squeal, in England’s deep south it’s slang for a sour or tannic cider. The Pig Squeal in this bottle is a unique blend of beer and apple juice, cooked up in collaboration with the wonderful folk at Peckham’s Cider.

Alongside Garage Project’s Tim Gibson and Matt Sloan, we designed this beauty!