2021—09, NZ

snow floats effortless
as feathers fall gradually—
swept under a tree

Sunk into his seat, eyes rested—yet keenly present, he pondered his position amongst Fukurō-gumi and his ever-waning health. The responsibilities he would not be able to uphold, for the many under him. The responsibilities for his family, his children. The responsibilities to his nation he'd have to lay to rest.

To him the passing of time held weight, that what he was doing is important.

Nature in People    
2019—06, UK

To be one with nature is an odd term. According to the Greeks, nature in its truest state is devoid of humans. The ancient Chinese saw nature differently; they saw it as a complex arrangement of elements which were continuously changing (humans were distinctly different) yet worked harmoniously.

San, Princess Mononoke    
2019—04, UK

Hayao Miyazaki created some of the most memorable, fantastical beings to invade the collective cultural consciousness. This is an interpretation of San from Studio Ghibli’s Princess Mononoke.

2018—02, UK

Oftentimes, our heritage is forgotten in time as we pursue interests of the now and the future. With the mind constantly thinking ahead, it is good to practice mindfulness of the past as our minds, strained by the moment, can often find wisdom in what has been.

A commissioned illustration for someone paying homage to their roots.

Total Neonkyo
2018-02, UK

In a near-future Japan, a man has a drink thrown at him whilst at a cliché, neon-Tokyo bar.

Inspired by various anime such as Ghost in the Shell and Akira.

Featured in Brut Magazine