Packaging, Illustration   
2020—08, NZ

Inspired by the beauty of Mount Taranaki and Japanese Woodblock Prints, Black Forest is a homage to the narrative of Three Sisters wandering the depths of Taranaki in search of Sour Cherry & Rye.

Packaging, Illustration   
2020—05, US

A conversational pairing of cake, chocolate, and coconut—a classic combo. Alongside US–based craft-beer connoisseurs Prairie Ales, we designed this chilled-out cover.

Sandy Kiwi Doggos    
Product, Illustration
2018-02, NZ

Memes are a unique artifact of internet culture that have begun to appeal to sub-cultures in many forms. Amongst the younger crowd, they’ve begun to add to the cultural landscape, rounding out what it means to be part of that culture. New Zealand’s culture has developed a few (amongst some of its cultural antiquities) in the modern era.

For my submission in Blunt Umbrellas’ competition, I achieved the ‘Highly Commended’ award.

Pig Squeal
Packaging, Illustration
Pig Squeal, in England’s deep south it’s slang for a sour or tannic cider. The Pig Squeal in this bottle is a unique blend of beer and apple juice, cooked up in collaboration with the wonderful folk at Peckham’s Cider.

Alongside Garage Project’s Tim Gibson and Matt Sloan, we designed this beauty!