The Selected Adventures and Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
by Arthur Conan Doyle

Folio Society and House of Illustrations

Scenes were chosen by how vivid the imagery was, for me. A Scandal in Bohemia, the contrast between Irene Adler and the black smoke. For The Man with the Twisted Lip, a distinct feature that is quite memorable. And the Mustgrave Ritual, as it is quite grotesque.

A Scandal in Bohemia

with Irene Adler reacting to the alarm of "Fire!", as her glance gives away where she's about to run to.

The Man with the Twisted Lip

a man sits in his cell, as Sherlock jokes about giving him a scrub that he has in hand.

The Mustgrave Ritual

the butler being pulled from his freshly sealed tomb as the detective peers into the gloomy hole.