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Three’s a Crow-d

An Unlimited Edition Print.

NZ will be sent by yours truly.
Elsewhere will be suppliers.

A little about the print:

“As the story goes...
between dusk and daylight, a man with silk-white hair is heard cawing.
It is said he collects the hair of his victims who dare to shine any light between those early hours of the day.
As the last light of the evening sets on strands of cold, lifeless wheat, people have said that in desperate need of a light source, every minute of 'forbidden flame' is followed by a distinct crow's caw.
So if you were ever desperate—if you were ever to light that forbidden flame—suddenly, as if it was already there, a flash of silk-white will appear.
And another victim’s hair will be made off with.
It is said the crow’s caw will not stop till it has finished making its home.”


Each print is shipped with backing board, and wrapped for protection.

Feel free to email hello@daniel-ido.com for any questions