dear didO

    Living and breathing illustration, Daniel has been doodling, drawing, sketching, and painting since his fingers could move. Professionally illustrating for the last 5 years after graduating, he has also worked as a graphic designer, a photographer, and a book binding technician. Finally, he put his foot down and said, “I’m drawing now, and that’s that!”

    Eschewing the boredom of maintaining a consistent process, Daniel’s work is ever-evolving and always attempts to push the envelope, yet constantly captures the soul of surrealism and nostalgia. Taking inspiration from an ever expanding understanding of art, history and psychology he is constantly crafting his own unique voice; aspiring to artists such as James Jean, Egon Schiele, Moebius and many more.


Pop-Up Projects
The Spinoff
Havas & Lynx
CNN / Turner Broadcasting
Metro / Bauer Media
Maris O’Rourke
Neil Clarke
Prairie Artisan Ales
Three Sister’s Brewery
Garage Project

Button Shy Games
Rule & Make


2017 White Cloud Worlds, Wellington
2017 Chromacon Indie Festival, Auckland
2015 Paper Assassins, Auckland
2014 Forrests Creative Pop Up Show, Auckland
2013 AD Illuminate, Auckland


2019 Fresh 19, Cafe Girl
2018 Idealog + Blunt + Generator Umbrella Experiment, Sandy Kiwi Doggos
2018 ImagineFX, November 2018 Issue 166: Artist of the Month
2018 Brut Magazine: Issue #2, Total Neonkyo
2016 SEMI PERMANENT: The 2016 SP Book, Tiger Magician
2014 The Absolute Mag, Phobias & Fetishes
2014 Design Taxi, Phobias & Fetishes


2019 Fabrik: Carbon award Fresh 19, Cafe Girl
2018 Idealog + Blunt + Generator Umbrella Experiment / Highly Commended Award, Sandy Kiwi Doggos
2017 Finalist in the Illustration Category, Chromacon - New Zealand Indie Arts Festival, Tiger Magician
2014 Designers Institute of New Zealand:  Finalist in The Best Design Awards, Phobias & Fetishes
2013 Gordon Harris: Best Use of Traditional Media for Contemporary Illustration Award, Phobias & Fetishes