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Ninety-Nine Street
2023—03, NZ

Aoteroa based cassava chip brand. Ninety-nine street strive for sustainability with their no palm oil cassavas — that are also healthy!

Working alongside Nimbl again we delved into a very unique game-like experience with Ninety-Nine Street, trying to capture a sense of awe in another world.

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As international student numbers inch back to pre-pandemic norms, what do those learners gain from coming to Aotearoa?

Editorial piece written by Hanna Lu with the Spinoff

I decided at the last minute to keep some of his things. I felt like I was kind of saving him, bringing him home with me.

Little editorial piece written by Lynn Charlton with the Spinoff

Education NZ: Roa & Long Distance Life
The Spinoff
2022—05, NZ

For the thousands of students in NZ their tertiary experience has been heavily impacted by Covid-19. For international students, that impact has meant separation from family, friends and familiarity.

Little editorial piece written by Sherry Zhang with the Spinoff