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Ninety-Nine Street
2023—03, NZ

Aoteroa based cassava chip brand. Ninety-nine street strive for sustainability with their no palm oil cassavas — that are also healthy!

Working alongside Nimbl again we delved into a very unique game-like experience with Ninety-Nine Street, trying to capture a sense of awe in another world.

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As international student numbers inch back to pre-pandemic norms, what do those learners gain from coming to Aotearoa?

Editorial piece written by Hanna Lu with the Spinoff

I decided at the last minute to keep some of his things. I felt like I was kind of saving him, bringing him home with me.

Little editorial piece written by Lynn Charlton with the Spinoff

For the thousands of students in NZ their tertiary experience has been heavily impacted by Covid-19. For international students, that impact has meant separation from family, friends and familiarity.

Little editorial piece written by Sherry Zhang with the Spinoff