Roa & Long Distance Life
The Spinoff
2022—05, NZ

For the thousands of students in NZ their tertiary experience has been heavily impacted by Covid-19. For international students, that impact has meant separation from family, friends and familiarity.

Little editorial piece written by Sherry Zhang with the Spinoff

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Everyman Cinemas
2021—10, UK

Working with Everyman Cinemas, we created a little illustration for their social media on the Nutcracker production by The Royal Opera House

snow floats effortless
as feathers fall gradually—
swept under a tree

Sunk into his seat, eyes rested—yet keenly present, he pondered his position amongst Fukurō-gumi and his ever-waning health. The responsibilities he would not be able to uphold for the many under him; the responsibilities for his family, his children; the responsibilities to his nation he'd have to lay to rest.

To him the passing of time held weight, that what he was doing was important.

The Spinoff
2021—05, NZ

"I still have nightmares about that day. I see a knife sliding under my rib cage, opening up my organs." - JP Pomare

Working under Art Director; Toby Morris with Spinoff, I had the honour to envision JP Pomare’s vivid imagery from his piece Scattershots.

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