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Gremori LVI
2024—04, NZ

Gremori LVI is a character done for the Skull Duggery Art Show (2022) based in Wellington.
Lift Education
2023—11, NZ

It begins with a buzzing in his ears. The edges of his vision blur as the world reduces.
Then the dust is back. Columns of it. And the smell of petrol. A woman running.
He sees himself winding up the window, his mother gripping the steering wheel …

Working with Lift Education’s, Simon Wakefield we illustrated a poignant story written by Sarah Penwarden about a boy struggling with PTSD from the Christchurch Earthquakes of 2011
Ninety-Nine Street
2023—03, NZ

Aotearoa (New Zealand) based cassava chip brand. Ninety-nine street strive for sustainability with their no palm oil cassavas — that are also healthy!

Working alongside Nimbl again we delved into a very unique game-like experience with Ninety-Nine Street, trying to capture a sense of awe in another world.

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As international student numbers inch back to pre-pandemic norms, what do those learners gain from coming to Aotearoa?

Editorial piece written by Hanna Lu with the Spinoff