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Ancient Tastes of Korea  
CNN / Genesis
2019—05, UK

With CNN Art Director Adnan Kazi and Motion Designer Elise Boutros, we created a beautiful intro for Great Big Story Origins: Ancient Tastes of Korea. The story features Jang Gye-Hyang, a Korean woman from the 17th century who made a recipe book called 'Eumsik Diminbang'.

At the end of 17th century, a woman named Jang Gye-Hyang compiled a recipe book filled with dishes preferred by nobles and how-tos on storing and fermenting food. The text, called Eumsik Dimibang, is as relevant today as it was then—just ask Kim Byung-Jin, executive chef at the Michelin-rated Gaon and Cho Gwi-Bun, a 13th-generation descendent of Jang Gye-Hyang.

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